The x10

I have owned my x10 about six months now. And, as I live in Phnom Penh and am out and about on the streets so much I find this a very handy camera . So much so I really do take it every where. I keep it in a leather waist pouch that I have had modernised and customised no more than 5 times. I do this at a the market in BBK 1 and a fellow with a gold tooth or gold teeth and a wide grin and leathery hands creats little master peices for me.

I was foolish enough to order a $80 leather case with this camera but never used it as I cant get the camera ourt of it quickly . Also I can not see which way up it goes. Oh it has classic good looks allright but another disadvantage is that it blocks use of control on this dinky little camera.

So, I hit the streets with the pouch that also contains an iphone and my motor bike key.




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