cooking crab

cooking crab

This photograph was taken near Sihanoukville Cambodia where I have been based or should I say beached.

Kep on the coast is the big draw for craps. And Muslim Cambodian woman pull them out of the sea in huge bamboo crap traps that are alive in silver blue. Later they become pink when cooked. But you can not see this in black and white.

It took a while to source crabs in Sihanoukville a seedy town on the coast full of dreamers , alcoholics and sex addicts. And of course the new wave of binge drinkers mainly back packers and backpackers gone native or feral.

Oh what a gross generalisation you might say.
There are also nice people in S’ville (my disclaimer,)
So I was pretty fresh with the fUji x10 and had left the nikon in Phnom Penh at my apartment. Actually my 50mm d had failed on the nikon when I was taking shots of the muslim fisherwoman about 8 months before. I did not need here. Also even with the small dinky x10 I was attracting attention and really annoying the stall holders. Several people called me a nutter and skoot in Cambodian kindly translated by my girl freind. Why was I a nutter ? Cos I was takijng pictures of crabs fish , clams oysters and snails. The things people love to eat. But they would rather me pay big bucks to eat in tourist place where I would be called sir. They did not like me paying $7 a kilo and then cooking the crab and taking to the beach. This was reserved for locals only.

I managed a blur affect on the lady cooking up the crab and this was an accident. It was hot in the kitchen with a charcoal fire. We had to watch the crab being cooked or it would take a walk and drop a kilo or two and become older.


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