raw move

raw move

I had owned the little fuji x10 about a week and took it to the streets. But first I need to know what is this new craze street photography? Why is it so hip and cool to walk around taking photos from the hip?

And why do some photographers use Russian basic film cameras in the Lomo style while others go out and buy the D800 which has 35 million pixels resolution?

Well I know in PP most visitors have SLRs . These are slung around a waist. Each tourist has a $1000 buck SLR and an Iphone. Most are taking photos in the washed out heat of the day or with slow zooms at night.

I have gone right off clunky SLRs.

With this shot I managed to shoot through the LCD screen with out the chess players even noticing me and the exposure was perfect and I shot in black and white mode.

I blew this shot right up big and even sold a couple of copies. I love the bottle top.


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