Riverside photo shoot

This web site is under contruction as they say. No just can not up load photos. As this is a photo blog it really defeats the object. but the manager of my apartment likes to suspend her self in a bubble of idleness and remain that way. The internet is down but her tv works.

I am working on a collage construction of about 25 photos to build a rural house. It will have water buffalo feeding on fresh hay grown in the paddocks underneath a wooden dwelling with wooden floors. It will be cartoonised in my secret method that is pretty simple if you actually use the controls of your camera.

But to do this I had to use the NIkon D7000 with a 50mm 1.4G lens. I am so used to the fuji x10 that this beast (the nikon) just felt so big and clumsy. Also I had forgotten how to use it. Its all buried in electronic menus.

Also the sodding thing would not focus even with this fast lens (at my coffee cup) at browns cafe , river side Phnom Penh. Yet the x10 did.

I drove to the Japanese bridge where I had seen a collection of shanty slum houses built on the stinking banks of that corrupted river. I good not get a good view so toyed with the idea of hiring a boat. But then realised that slum Vietnam squat houses did not fit my theme of rural Cambodia.

Also the shots I took were cluttered and depressing when I am trying to have an up beat pleasant image. So tommorow I will hit the rural road.








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