Rat Tails

Rat Tails

So there I was at the side of the road in Phnom Penh by the river side on a Sunday morning. The pied piper was on him mobile maybe looking for another motor bike to help him move these rodents quick fast. The motor bike was stuck under a tree and a small crowd had gathered who seemd to think the entire scene highlly amusing. What those aniimal liberation people would have thought I do not know. The Chicken Libbers who actually sat in cages protesting about chicken rights in Cambodia. Actually the chickens had been flown in humanly from the United States Of America. There are more NGO’s in Cambodia than church movements in Fiji

What would the save the chicken people have done about the rats?
I snapped away and the pied piper wanted me to help him with the cages but I ignored him. I even took a video with sound that I have lost.

Its not like its difficult to grow meat here. I can understand eating a rat if you were in a Cambodian prison God help you but just eating rat surely is disgusting? . .


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