Rural Cambodia

Rural Cambodia

I crossed the river on my scooter and hung a right towards Vietnam and following the Mekong river on my right. Once out of the trappings of the city there was less traffic and more wooden dwellings. This was a Muslim area and I am afraid I can not tell you much about Muslim Cambodians except they seem to have evolved very differently. The villages had a content feel about them and there was not this hand slapping grabbing attitude to sudden wealth gain.
Maybe just becaause it was quite with real green fields , and chickens and water buffalo, and wooden wagon wheels.

It had been raining and I had taken shelter in the porch of a closed shop. A kid was having a haircut in some kind of road side hut. The 2 woman strolled by and of course do not look happy I had the D7000 clicking in their faces. Should have used the x10.


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