I write from Paris airport and will soon be in cambodia again . Well in about 24 hours. There I will resume my photography once I have recovered from culture shock of suddenly being in suburban UK and also central London. A far cry from the rural Cambodia I had known as well as the nerve fraying experience of living in Phnom Penh. I have rexamined my life and not to sure I know where I am heading.

But, I have been looking at cameras that seem to be changing at this new Photokina. Like the full frame Nikon D600 that is very tempting to upgrade from my 7000. Then a full frame sony compact. A new x changeable lens camera from Fuji A tiny little retro camera from fuju. And a new leica M . 

I do not need these camera but they are sorely tempting. I do not need to change lenses with the fuji this gets me the shots I need. I can get shallow depth of field with the D7000 and a 50mm g lens 1.4.   




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