Old widow close up

Old widow close up

The x10 is such a steath camera. The lady in the picture was not subject to a huge SLR shoved in her face. Instead the little 10. And I was amazed at the detail. I just upped the contrast.


2 responses to “Old widow close up

  1. This is a wonderful portrait. The way her skin just bleeds out of the wall is intoxicating. She draws us in for a closer view and we want to see the light in her eyes but they are covered with the darkness of her life.

    Maybe the X10 is a great stealth camera and I agree that it is but you made a timeless photo and unfortunately for the X10, it doesn’t matter what camera you used.
    This my friend is a photo to be proud of for the rest of your life……

  2. Thanks did you get to see the wider frame of this? I am more inspired now to get out there again today and also did up any other gems I can find with the risk of posting not such great stuff but who cares ?

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