Some of the mourners Phnom Penh

Some of the mourners Phnom Penh

Some of these people were unable to cross the road and who could blame them as it is certain suicide to try. So they gathered like sheep and were herded back into their over crowded mini vans and ferried back to the countryside. I scared a few with my white face and fat body but at least I was dressed properly with a white shirt king bade and black jeans. I have not gone native as in speaking the lingo and wearing robes. But at least I did not go to the funeral in throngs and a singlet like some of my fellow countrymen did. Actually that is not true hardly any Western people went anywhere near the Royal Palace tonight. Way beneath the Station of an NGO worker busily saving Cambodia with a nice fat cat wage, kids at private school and an 8 cylinder Lexus parked in the garage.


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