Pimped Camera X-E1

Pimped Camera X-E1

Brassing an XE1

How to pimp brass your X-E1. First paint it black with oil based paint trying to avoid the important bits like the sensor. Black looks good but what about a bit of brassing to make it look like an old rangefinder after many years of use and when the paint has worn off to show the brass body?

I tried gold spray paint as I could not find gold paint. . I taped up the camera and protected it and then over sprayed it . It looked terrible. Not like a brassed camera at all. So I scraped the paint of with my thumb nail. This in turn aged the leatherette very quickly. I repainted it black. Then applied gold nail polish to the top and bottom.

This in my opinion works if you do not look too closely.

Every time I look at my camera I really do think it is made of brass and it is an antique . But I would not try this if you are ever thinking of selling your camera. My girl friend reminded me of this before the paint was dry but it was too late by then .




I was driving back from street 51 and right on my corner outside the international school of Phnom Penh was this accident. It was about 2 in the morning and the roads were clear of traffic. There are no need for accidents like this. In this case and as per normal a huge 4 wheel drive truck was involved. All 3 cars were over turned and crushed .

Had the people been wearing seat belts? I very much doubt it . Most cars have half a seat belt at the best. Some people might strap in as a kind of fashion statement but this does not last long.

Why would 3 cars crash late at night in the middle of the city when the roads are straight and flat? There are no hazards to speak of .

Drinking and driving . This is possible. After 8 o’clock at night most police go home to sleep. The government can not afford to police the streets at night when most of the crime happens. There are no breatherlisers . If there were it would be a publicity stunt for the tv stations .

People can drink as much as they like and not get stopped . Or if they are stopped they can pay there way out of it.

Speeding and using mobile phones at the wheel also cause accidents as does driving the car Daddy bought you with out knowledge of how to use a car or a driving license . Oh sorry you can buy those as well.

Driving with out a mobile phone at the wheel is a rare sight .

If you speed and your car is bigger than anyone else ‘s they simply get out of the way. If you hit a road baracade and destroy it you pay per panel .

If you hit a poor person just drive on. Hit and run is very common. But so is murder after an accident when the mob kills the driver before the police arrive .

If you hit a person and get caught and can not pay off the police quickly its about 1,200 per life taken paid in court to the family . Court ? Who said that? Maybe pay the police who take a 300 cut and pay the family the rest.

Well in this accident nobody was at the scene except a few police and some casual watchers . I suppose everyone else was in hospital .

They will not let you in the hospital before you cough up big dollars up front . But that is another story .